25 Sep, 2017

10 Frequently Asked Questions About Mediation

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During the course of your personal injury case, the judge may order mediation or your lawyer may recommend that you voluntarily participate in mediation. Here are 10 questions clients frequently ask about mediation. What is mediation? This may vary somewhat depending on the mediator’s style. Some mediations begin with a group session, in which the [...]

21 Sep, 2017

Common Case Settlement FAQs

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Long Does It Take for a Case to Settle? It is very difficult to give a definitive answer to how long a case will take to settle. Generally speaking, one can expect that a settlement may be reached a few weeks to a few months after the initial letter of demand is sent to the insurance [...]

30 Jul, 2014

I’ve been in an automobile accident

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Kansas City Accident Attorney Being involved in an automobile accident is a very stressful situation for most people. There may be severe injuries. You may have lost a loved one. Important decisions must be made that can have a serious financial impact on your life. Our firm is on your side. We can counsel and advise you [...]

30 Jul, 2014

We Can Help

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My name is Rick DeVault.  I’m a Kansas City personal injury attorney and have devoted my career to helping injured people obtain compensation for their injuries.  Our firm handles general personal injury claims which includes a broad range of injuries and wrongful death. Automobile, trucking, and motorcycle accidents are often the largest part of a [...]

30 Jul, 2014

I Fell Due to a Property’s Dangerous Condition

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Kansas City Premises Liability Attorney When a dangerous property condition has caused a fall, serious injuries can result. Often a person may have torn ligaments or received a serious joint injury. Even relatively light impacts to the head can cause traumatic brain injury (TBI) or death. Sometimes brain injuries only become apparent over a period of [...]