I’ve been in an automobile accident

Accident Attorney Kansas City

Kansas City Accident Attorney

Being involved in an automobile accident is a very stressful situation for most people. There may be severe injuries. You may have lost a loved one. Important decisions must be made that can have a serious financial impact on your life. Our firm is on your side. We can counsel and advise you during this difficult time.


Insurance companies are enormous corporations with a great deal of expertise and resources.  However, they may not be looking out for your interests.  Adjusters are trained to offer you the minimum amount to settle your case.   Once you agree to their settlement offer, you waive any right to renegotiate if you find you’ve been treated unfairly.  We know how insurance companies operate and will fight for your rights.

Making Sure You Are Compensated for All of Your Losses

An injury can cause significant medical expenses. Beyond those expenses, you may have lost wages. Your ability to produce future earnings may be impaired. Often an injured person has endured a traumatic experience involving significant pain and suffering. We can make sure that all of those losses are accounted for and factor into any settlement you receive.

We Can Help

Contact DeVault Law for help.  We are here to fight for your rights.

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